School Lunch Info


Sweet Missions offers high quality, delicious lunches to students, faculty and staff. 

We want to provide more than just lunch – it's our mission to get to know the students, faculty and staff, offering prayer and words of encouragement when needed. 

  We serve lunch at the school from the Sweet Missions Mobile Kitchen several days a week. Our web based ordering system makes it super easy for you to order and pay for lunches in advance.

Orders must be received by NOON the FRIDAY before you need the lunch. The menu options will be posted here each week. You just select, place your order and pay by credit/debit card ahead of time. 

Pre-ordering guarantees a lunch.  There is usually not enough time to take “walk up orders“ at the window.  

Absences:  In the event of a missed lunch due to an absence from school, we can refund or credit the purchase if you send a text message (904-476-8602) by 9am the morning of.    

10% of all proceeds from school lunches will be donated back to the school which helps your school meet financial goals.

Sweet Missions will send a donation check directly to the school administrator once a month and can be used for anything your school needs. 

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You can help your school by promoting the Lunch and Birthday Dessert options to others. There is no limit to the funds your school can receive.