Saturday Snack Club

Snack Club Information

Each month Sweet Missions will host a Snack Club No Bake Class for kids that will not only be FUN but educational.  

These classes use recipes that are simple to use and easy for students of all abilities to follow. They include visual instructions that helps students learn how to prepare food in a safe way.

These recipes are no bake, which means no OVEN or STOVE needed!

It’s a great opportunity to learn life-skills and get kids excited about food! Each class is based on a monthly theme with new recipes each week.

Students will learn basics in:
• proper food handling
• food preparation
• presentation
• manners
• and so much more!

Classes are appropriate for kids 5 years and older -  an adult must remain on property with the student (s).

Seating Time
Your seating begins at your scheduled time, regardless of late arrivals, and lasts one hour. It is important to arrive on time to be able to fully enjoy every moment of the class experience.
Reservation Changes
If you have no shows in your party at the last minute, you have the option of having these extras served during your visit or take them home to enjoy later.

Cancellation Policy
You must cancel within 48 hours from your reservation time otherwise our classes are non-refundable.
Bringing Children
Snack Club Classes can be a really fun experience for children. We do have an age restriction of 5 and older (including infants).  The reason for this policy is for safety, limited space and all guest enjoyment. Thank you for your understanding!

Dietary Restrictions
We cannot accommodate gluten free, nut free, dairy free or vegan diets.​ 

Food Allergy Notice: Food & drinks prepared here may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, nuts & fish.

*We do not allow outside food.

Payment Methods
We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Apple Pay.​

2022 Snack Club Sessions – 

- Monster Cookie Shake
- Pumpkin Pie Cup
- Harvest Mix

Check out our social media pages for info on class dates and updates.  


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