Tricia's Story

~My Story~
My name is Tricia Rodgers.  My passion is combining a love for all things SWEET and a love for MISSIONS

I am currently attending Liberty University Online working towards a degree in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. 

Sweet Missions began with fundraising for my son to go on his first mission trip.   We baked a lot of "Nanny's Chocolate Cakes" to help fully fund his trip.  After the fundraiser, I had requests for more sweets!

Voila!  in 2012, Sweet Missions was born!

We do not have a retail store.  All of items are made to order through our website.

~What We Do~
While our main focus is on gourmet cupcakes, we also do Classic Southern Style desserts such as sheet cakes, cobblers, pies, cupcakes, layered desserts, cookies and scones.

Sweet Missions is happy to give back 10% of all proceeds each month to various schools, charities, sports teams and/or ministries.

~My Dream for Sweet Missions~
I have a dream to expand Sweet Missions into a Mobile Bakery Cafe business in Fruitland Park, FL and nearby areas.   

I am inspired by Walt Disney who believed

"If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It" 

The first part of my dream began with purchasing a mobile kitchen which could be licensed as a mobile commercial bakery cafe.

The licensing of the mobile kitchen will allow me to offer cafe type foods and to bake sweets in a "commercial" kitchen setting which opens up more opportunities to grow my business.

With a mobile kitchen I can provide lunches to private school students, teachers (public/private) and/or business professionals that have limited time for lunch.  I can attend events in the community on the weekends.  A mobile kitchen will also keep my sweets from melting in the HOT Florida sun.  

~Making An Impact~
Along with supporting missions locally and internationally, being mobile will allow allow me to minister to and build relationships within the community in a variety of locations.  

I definitely want to be known as having some of the best sweets in town but it's really so much more than that. I want to inspire and encourage people.  I want God to use me to shine a light for Him in this industry.  I want to make a positive impact in the lives of people here and around the world!  

~Please Spread the Word~
Please like my face book page and if you don't mind, invite your friends to do the same!  

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