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Over 50 flavors
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Basic Sprinkle $12/dozen
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Cupcakes are perfect for Year-Round Gift Giving such as birthdays, anniversaries, teacher gifts, Christmas gifts, staff appreciation, etc. 

They are 
sold in increments of 1 dozen per flavor.  Our cupcakes are never frozen.  
We use high quality ingredients and take great care in preparing them. 

Presentation matters to us.  We also want our cupcakes to taste as good as they look!  When you and/or your guests bite into one of our cupcakes, it will be obvious it's not a box store cupcake. 

Please Note:  All items are baked in a kitchen producing items with wheat, dairy, nuts and soy.  We cannot guarantee that any items are free of allergens because we use the equipment for multiple purposes and handle common allergens throughout the kitchen.  
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